Meton Skies as a training provider can support its customers with training courses covering all aspects of Technical and Engineering functions for Operators, Maintenance Organizations and CAMOs

Meton Skies can directly supply the following training courses:

  •     EASA Part-M
  •     EASA Part-145
  •     Quality Management in Aviation Maintenance and Maintenance Management Organizations
  •     Quality Audit Techniques in Aviation Maintenance and Maintenance Management Organizations
  •     Reliability for CAMOs.

Meton Skies can also supply other training courses related (but not limited) to:

  •     Safety Management Systems (SMS)
  •     Ramp Safety
  •     Human Factors
  •     Auditing SMS and HF implementation
  •     Crew Resource Management.

Additionally to the above mentioned courses, Meton Skies can develop customized courses/workshops following a Training Needs Analysis on practical subjects related to functions of Maintenance and Continuing Airworthiness Management Organizations such as:

  •     Set-Up and Running a Maintenance Control Center
  •     Set-Up a Production Planning & Control System
  •     Set-Up of Aircraft Reliability Programs.